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Im a great guy outgoing and looking for some fun and maybe a relationship

Im 21 live in st. cloud gonna be a full time firefighter soon. Love kids, love the outdoors and watch movies. Looking for a great time also. Love trying new things. Going to clubs and having staying at home nights, im an open book ;) im also a family man wanna settle down in the next few years and have a family just kinda playing the field right now and hoping to meet that someone.

i hear alot that im to good to be true but ive only had a few girlfriends. Was gonna be a cop but dont really wanan be a dick head cause thats not me.

I'm in Karate, Kick Boxing, and go to the gym. I like to cook and ont mind cleaning the house and doing laundry. Like to hunt when i can and i act older than my age most girls my age i just dont really connect with and most older ladies in my age range go for older guys so its a lil hard but theres someone out there for me.

Love helping others i go way out of my way to do anything i can at anytime to help. I have a real big heart i been turned down alot cause they say im to nice and sweet of a guy no joke i also did breakfast in bed for a girl she liked it but then she said i was to nice but either way im not changing who i am cause its not worth it like me for me thats all that matters its better then being a inconsiderete pric player and a cheater at least i have morals and im going somewhere in life and when the time comes my family is gonna be happy and successful and show love the right way from inside and what they deserve its more than money can buy.

But they only give me a day or 2 and they dont really see my wild side i know when to be serious and have fun. anything else just ask :)Plus firefighters get paid alot better than cops do and most important thing in the job is knowing i helped someone and see them smile and say thank you thats more than money can buy.

Anyways ask me if theres anything else you wanna know you can contact me at: AIM: FireFighter864 MSN Messenger: : Swingers clubs in holmdel nj Someone who likes to get wild and have mellow nights at home, someone thats in shape but doesnt really have work out but has a good body someone that has a good heart and is down to earth likes to meet new people and would like to give me a chance and likes me for me i might be a lil shy at first but i warm up pretty fast (ladies i look better than my pics do ;)

swingers clubs in holmdel nj, with photo.

I dont want to be a freak but I cant help myself, the flesh is weak

I am one of the nicest people and one of the freakiest. My hobbies are basketball, bowling, video games and shooting pool. I like to make the best out of everything and enjoy life.I am looking for ladies who like to be pleased and like to please

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swingers clubs in holmdel nj, view pic.

Swingers clubs in holmdel nj

I'm a French college student in Boston looking for fun. I'm a laid back person who does not like complications. I enjoy good humor, interesting conversations, going out, travelling, and playing sports. I'm a responsible person and take good care of my friends.

I have a strong personality and I'm here to meet new people and see what happens. Swingers clubs in holmdel nj Interesting, funny, gorgeous, caring, carefree .

.. I would love to meet a beautiful woman who shares some common ground with me and simply enjoys life.

swingers clubs in holmdel nj, view photo.

horny woman

I'm just a girl whjo really likes to have fun, I'm 18. I love to chill. I'm a pretty funny person, If you're with me for more than an hour you'll probably laugh a few times. I'm shy but once you get to know me, i'm really fun.

I don't like bland food. lolz I am Guyanese, Dominican(Republica Dominicana), Haitian( No i don't speak creole lmao), Bajan(Brabadooos!) and French. yea I'm a mutt i know lolzI'm not looking for anything serious but dont really mind if its that way later.

I like to have fun and I just want a fun person. I don't mess with married people or people in relationships, i like children and don't care if you have them, but I don't do "BMD" or baby mama drama lmao

swingers clubs in holmdel nj, view photo.

seeking love

Well..i will really like to know more about you and your motives and intension getting to know my kind of person..cause my intension is to get to know you,and really do know your kind of person Swingers clubs in holmdel nj and build up a relationship with you and hopeful meet in person.

swingers clubs in holmdel nj, view photo.

I enjoy talking & watching Swingers clubs in holmdel nj

I am open to just talking and being a friend. I want to be able to talk, dating horny women or watch online. I am new to this type activity so please guide me.I am here to find new friends. Sex does not have to be involved.

I am new to this type activity and want to experience more. I am happily married. I like yo get to know people from around the world, but someone out to scam people. I can usually tell.

IF YOU ARE OUT TO SCAM AND TRY TO TAKE MY MONEY DO NOT BOTHER ME. I WILL NOT PAY TO JOIN ANOTHER SITE. If you want to make contact, then do it here or give me an email address, not some site to join!!!

swingers clubs in holmdel nj, view photo.

horny woman

I'm a plain jane easy going laid back women. I'm very independent and know what I want and when I want it. Everyone keeps asking me what I'm looking for so here it is. I'm looking for a companion I travel quite a bit and attend alot of social events and I need someone who can go with me and be able to hold a decent conversation.

I'm not looking to get married I have already done that once and know its not for me. I need adventure and spontaneity..must be able to keep up with me in all areas and I do mean all areas.

Swingers clubs in holmdel nj What Im looking for in a Man? A man who will text me every morning and say Good Morning and every night to say Sweet Dreams. A man who will listens when I talk. A man who will hold me when Im sad and wipe away my tears when I cry.

A man who is content to just be able to hold me and wants nothing more. A man who wont try to pressure me to do things I dont want to do.

A man who is excited all day because he is looking forward to our date. A man who smiles everytime he hears my name or thinks about me. A man who isnt afraid to say I love you or freakout when I say it.

A man that is not afraid to tell his friends he loves me or other women to step off. A man who will kiss my forehead and tickle me just to hear me laugh. A man who thinks Im beautiful with no make-up on, wearing sweats and a big t-shirt.

A man who will show up at my house with soup and a movie when Im sick. A man who can accept my imperfections and still love me for them. A man who really wants to make me the happiest women in the world.

Do you want to be my Man?

swingers clubs in holmdel nj, view photo.


army... i love to drive (any kind of racing) i've been with 58 women and 2 guys. and everyone of them says i'm the best they've ever had. if you think i'm making it up, there's only one way to find out. (570)4180155 Swingers clubs in holmdel nj anything, she just has to know what she likes

swingers clubs in holmdel nj, view photo.

Looking for discrete male to join

Female that has a bi male friend..I'm 5'3 115 blonde and he is 5'7 168 brown and very bi..Would not expect you to do dating horny women anything to him but you wld have to allow us to take care of you.

I am from charleston but work and go to school out of town..Loking for male or two to join in discreet fun, married,single..If your bored at home. like to help..or if girlfriend isnt satisfying you .

. keep things confidental and discreet... clean and want you to be also

swingers clubs in holmdel nj, view photo.

A woman That will come get me to have a lil fun, but i'm very carring and laid back

My name is jalen i'm a handsome 5 11 slim light skinned brotha long hair, alot love me, i'm lookin for a lil fun, i'm in college so i don't get to go out and have alot of fun, i'm laid back and really cool, try me ladies muah, Swingers clubs in holmdel nj a women, older women or younge women over 18 to come get me and take me to have a great time, i don't get to have a lot of fun so that would be nice, i'm not shy i can talk and i make most feel comfortable arround me, my photo will be up soon i look just as i said better in person, you will like, maybe love muah ladies

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